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Discord bot to compile and run code and fix code formatting, all without leaving discord and just a single click (reaction) away. Supports tons of languages and automatically finds runnable code in messages.


  • compile and run code from discord messages
  • reformat java code and fix indentation
  • reminder function
  • listen to GitHub repository events and posts summary on push
  • show date and time from messages in local timezone
  • send get requests via slash command

Codey Demo

discord invite link to invite the bot to your server

paste the link into a browser window and select your server for the bot to join.

Build and run in docker

  • replace change-me with the jda token in docker-compose.yml
  • docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d


  • replace change-me in application.yml when running with spring-boot:run or add the parameter codey.token with your bots token to your run configuration in your IDE.
  • run the main method in class CodeyApplication or the maven task spring-boot:run

How to get a discord token and invite your own bot to your server

  • visit and login
  • create a New Application, give it a name
  • click Bot and then Add Bot
  • to reveal your token click Click To Reveal Token and copy that token to the places described above depending on how you run it
  • select OAuth2
  • check bot in Scopes
  • after checking bot you can select the bot permissions Send Messages, Add Reactions, View Channels and Manage Messages (or whatever it is your bot needs if you don't intend to build the one in this repo)
  • now click on Copy next to the generated link and paste it into a browser window.
  • select your server to let the bot join.
  • if you run your bot now it shows as online in your servers memberlist.

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