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React Native Authentication App


Complete user authentication flow for mobile applications with React Native, Expo, AWS Amplify, react-navigation, and native-base.


The technologies used in this app are the following:

Authentication flow

  • Users are taken to the welcome screen.

  • Users can sign up, sign in, request a password change, navigate between screens.

  • International phone input is included in the sign up screen.

  • Users are redirected to the home screen after log in.

  • Users can navigate between screens using the bottom tab navigator or the drawer navigator.

  • Users are kept logged in until they sign out from the app.


Configuring the project

  1. Clone this repo to your local machine.
git clone

cd ReactNativeAuth
  1. Initialise the AWS Amplify project.
amplify init

Follow the same instructions as below.

  1. Configure an Amazon Cognito User Pool to store users credentials.
amplify add auth

# When prompt, choose: Yes, use the default configuration.
  1. Time to deploy your project to AWS.
amplify push

Are you sure you want to continue? Yes

After few minutes of automated operations, the Amplify CLI will create an Amazon Cognito User Pool and Identity Pool to store users crendentials.

Running the application

  1. Install client dependencies.

# or

npm install
  1. Launch the React Native app in your simulator under your project directory.
expo start --ios

# or

expo start --android

Step by step tutorial

  • A full series of articles detailing the building process of this app can be found here.

  • A demo video of the authentication flow is found here.

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