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Alternatives To Style Resources Loader
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Style Resources Loader

CSS processor resources loader for webpack.


npm i style-resources-loader -D


This loader is a CSS processor resources loader for webpack, which injects your style resources (e.g. variables, mixins) into multiple imported css, sass, scss, less, stylus modules.

It's mainly used to

  • share your variables, mixins, functions across all style files, so you don't need to @import them manually.
  • override variables in style files provided by other libraries (e.g. ant-design) and customize your own theme.

Usage with Vue CLI

See automatic imports for more details.


Prepends variables and mixins to all scss files with default resources injector.


module.exports = {
    // ...
    module: {
        rules: [{
            test: /\.scss$/,
            use: ['style-loader', 'css-loader', 'sass-loader', {
                loader: 'style-resources-loader',
                options: {
                    patterns: [
    // ...

Appends variables to all less files and overrides original less variables.


module.exports = {
    // ...
    module: {
        rules: [{
            test: /\.less$/,
            use: ['style-loader', 'css-loader', 'less-loader', {
                loader: 'style-resources-loader',
                options: {
                    patterns: path.resolve(__dirname, 'path/to/less/variables/*.less'),
                    injector: 'append'
    // ...

Prepends variables and mixins to all stylus files with customized resources injector.


module.exports = {
    // ...
    module: {
        rules: [{
            test: /\.styl$/,
            use: ['style-loader', 'css-loader', 'stylus-loader', {
                loader: 'style-resources-loader',
                options: {
                    patterns: [
                        path.resolve(__dirname, 'path/to/stylus/variables/*.styl'),
                        path.resolve(__dirname, 'path/to/stylus/mixins/*.styl')
                    injector: (source, resources) => {
                        const combineAll = type => resources
                            .filter(({ file }) => file.includes(type))
                            .map(({ content }) => content)

                        return combineAll('variables') + combineAll('mixins') + source;
    // ...


Name Type Default Description
patterns string | string[] / Path to the resources you would like to inject
injector Injector | 'prepend' | 'append' 'prepend' Controls the resources injection precisely
globOptions GlobOptions {} An options that can be passed to glob(...)
resolveUrl boolean true Enable/Disable @import url to be resolved

See the type definition file for more details.


A string or an array of string, which represents the path to the resources you would like to inject. If the path is relative, it would relative to webpack context.

It supports globbing. You could include many files using a file mask.

For example, './styles/*/*.less' would include all less files from variables and mixins directories and ignore reset.less in such following structure.

./src  <-- webpack context
      |-- fonts.less
      |-- colors.less
      |-- size.less
    |-- reset.less

Only supports .css .sass .scss .less .styl as resources file extensions.


An optional function which controls the resources injection precisely. It also supports 'prepend' and 'append' for convenience, which means the loader will prepend or append all resources to source files, respectively.

It defaults to 'prepend', which implements as an injector function internally.

Furthermore, an injector function should match the following type signature:

type Injector = (
    this: LoaderContext,
    source: string,
    resources: StyleResource[],
) => string | Promise<string>

It receives two parameters:

Name Type Description
source string Content of the source file
resources StyleResource[] Resource descriptors

It is called with this context pointing to the loader context.


An array of resource descriptor, each contains file and content properties:

Name Type Description
file string Absolute path to the resource
content string Content of the resource file

It can be asynchronous. You could use async / await syntax in your own injector function or just return a promise.


Options that can be passed to glob(...). See node-glob options for more details.


A boolean which defaults to true. It represents whether the relative path in @import or @require statements should be resolved.

If you were to use @import or @require statements in style resource files, you should make sure that the URL is relative to that resource file, rather than the source file.

You could disable this feature by setting resolveUrl to false.



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