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Awesome Open Source

Solved Challenges

My solved challenges and hacks (with Go, Python and Java)

Problems are from: Hackerrank, Leetcode, codility and random problems that I find on Internet. Every end folder (or folder leaf) has the same name of the problem.

Go stuff:

-Data structures (maps, container/ list, heap, tries, graphs, tree, sorting, priority queues, binary search)

-Generate Go code with encoding/gob

-Open, Create files with package "os"

-Read input and write output with package "bufio"

-Read/write png,jpg images "io"

-Regular expressions and string manipulation "strings" "strconv"

-Big integers "math/big"

-Goroutines, channels and concurrency

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Python (796,107
Java (385,414
Golang (156,089
Algorithms (37,396
Graph (24,411
Tree (20,490
Data Structure (9,502
Regular Expression (8,788
Hack (7,836
Trie (1,468
Hackerrank (1,152
Bfs (1,100
Sorting Algorithms (771
Hackerrank Solutions (274
Binary Search Tree (267
Dfs (193
Minimax Algorithm (142
Binary Search (138
Captcha Solving (83