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The JavaScript module loader is based on [AMD] ( lodJS is the best implemented understanding of [AMD] ( up to now.

Function Overview

100% supports AMD specifications. Supports modular development. When a module is defined, modules can be used without maintaining a dependent module, just write a dependency, and lodJS will automatically be responsible for the dependency injection.


  • Modular Development Support
  • Asynchronous loading
  • Dependency injection
  • Flexible custom functionality


  • Safari 6+ (Mac)
  • iOS 5+ Safari
  • Chrome 23+ (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS)
  • Firefox 4+ (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Firefox OS)
  • Internet Explorer 6+ (Windows, Windows Phone)
  • Opera 10+ (Windows, linux, Android)

How to Use?

Traditional Usage

<script src="lodjs.js"></script>


$ bower install lodjs
$ bower install git://

Quick Start

Define Module

We use lodJS's global function define to define a module, for example, in mod.js, we have the following code:

define(function () {
	return 123;

Module Usage

The use method in lodJS uses a module. The following code can use the module defined above:

lodjs.use('mod', function (mod) {
	console.log(mod);// Outputs 123

For more examples, please see the directory of demo.



Contribution Guide

If you want to contribute code for lodJS, please use fork + pull request method, ensuring that before you launch pr, you rebase code on the master branch to your own branch.

Publish Bower

$ bower register lodjs git://

Report Issues



Update Log

Update Log

Related Links

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