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Future of rd3

Currently I don't have time to manage this library anymore so if someone is willing to maintain I would like to transfer this repository. Please see Let us discuss where will this library heading.

rd3 (forked from react-d3)

Modular ReactJS charts made using d3 chart utilities.

npm version


The latest version of rd3 requires React 0.14 or later. If you are using older React version, please refer to here


Thanks to npmcdn you can now try out rd3 quickly:

Note: rd3 depends on react and d3, you will need to include those scripts if you aren't yet.

You can refer to fiddle example too.


Or via npm:

If you havn't installed react and d3 then:

npm install react react-dom
// currently we do not support [email protected]
npm install [email protected]
npm install rd3

Then, import into your ReactJS project:

var rd3 = require('rd3');
// es6
import rd3 from 'rd3';

The charts are then available under the rd3 namespace, which you can then use as shown on the documentation:

Available Charts

const BarChart = rd3.BarChart;
const LineChart = rd3.LineChart;
const PieChart = rd3.PieChart;
const AreaChart = rd3.AreaChart;
const Treemap = rd3.Treemap;
const ScatterChart = rd3.ScatterChart;
const CandleStickChart = rd3.CandleStickChart;

For usage, please see here.



Although there have been several different approaches proposed for combining the power of d3 with the flexibility and modularity of ReactJS, the approach I'm using here was inspired by this blog post by Ben Smith of Binary Consulting.

With this approach, React itself is responsible for generating the SVG markup. d3.js is used for its tremendous collection of utility functions, such as those that calculate the path value for various chart types.



Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Eric. S Bullington, Lim Yang Wei, and project contributors

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