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Send and receive mail without using your real email address

Anonymously forward and send mail with email forwarding and aliases through Ptorx.

Stop sharing your real email, keep your current inbox

Create unique email address aliases that are linked to your real emails. You'll still send and receive mail with their apps as usual.

No more typing in your email address

Quickly generate an email address alias whenever needed from your browser or mobile device.

Easily manage all of your email aliases

Ptorx will keep track of all your aliases in a single, easily searchable place, accessible from all of your devices.

Avoid the security breach domino effect

If a site you use is compromised, just disable, delete, or regenerate the alias associated with that site.

Keep your accounts separate

Whether sold to third-parties or stolen by hackers, too often your private information becomes publicly available on people search websites or the dark web.

How does it work?

  1. Create a contact or site-specific alias through Ptorx
  2. Mail sent to your alias is forwarded to your preferred inbox
  3. Reply to mail and it'll show as being sent from your alias

What's an email alias?

An email alias acts as a middleman between your real email addresses and the rest of the world. Any mail sent to an alias is forwarded to the email addresses you configure. They also allow for advanced features like filtering and modifying your mail.

Why use Ptorx?

Strengthening your privacy and security is as simple as generating a new alias for each website you create an account on, and for each person you email. Keeping your addresses separate and unique for each use-case is an important part of staying protected when a site you use suffers a database breach, when an app you use sells your data, when a spammer gets ahold of your email, or when a snoop starts trying to piece together your online activity.

Use your own domain

As many of them as you want. Configure a few easy DNS records and create aliases and forwarding addresses for your own domain.


  • iOS — Ptorx on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Web — Access the Ptorx app from your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Firefox — A simple Mozilla Firefox extension.
  • Chrome — A simple Google Chrome extension.
  • Android — Ptorx on your Android phone or tablet.


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