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Using Mautic with SSL enabled integrated with NGINX proxy and autorenew LetsEncrypt certificates

This uses the evertramos/docker-compose-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion to make Mautic secure. Credit for the webproxy goes to EvertRamos. It's amazing for one or multiple products on one server. The point of this is for a quick and easy install that will get Mautic up and running in less than 5 minutes.

*Note though this has aged it should always be good. It pulls the latest version of Mautic.


1. Docker & Docker Compose

2. Evertramos's webproxy (the NGINX proxy that also installs Letsencrypt)
Follow his instructions to install it.
Note: The only things I change in evertramos's .env.sample file is I uncomment #USE_NGINX_CONF_FILES=true and I change the file path to here: /home/myusername/nginx_webproxy/files
*Don't forget to rename .env.sample to .env before you run the script to install it.

Done in three simple steps:

1. Clone this repository:
git clone

2. Change the information in the .env.sample file to have your information in it i.e. your domain(s), email, usnername, passwords, and install file paths. Rename the .env.sample file to .env
The docker-compose.yml file doesn't need any changes unless you'd like to change something.

3. Start up your project:
docker-compose up -d

That's it!

Note: Adding your certificate may take a few minutes. Keep reloading the browser until the Mautic setup screen shows up. Lastly, though this package hasn't been updated, it will still install the latest version of Mautic. No worries there!

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