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SQLi Query Tampering

SQLi Query Tampering extends and adds custom Payload Generator/Processor in Burp Suite's Intruder.

Advantages and Benefits

Sqlmap is a great automated tool for SQL vulnerabilities but it can be a little noisy when you perform pentesting or bug hunting! One of the cool part of Sqlmap is Tampering. Tampering gives us some functions/techniques to evade filters and WAF's.

SQLi Query Tampering gives you the flexibility of manual testing with many powerful evasion techniques. This extension has two part:

  1. Generator:
    • You are able to add your customized payloads
    • All evasion techniques grouped by DBMS type
    • Tampered payloads can be used as a Generator in Intruder or saved to clipboard/file

  1. Processor:
    • You have the ability to choose on of the tamper techniques as your processor
    • The processor can be added as a Payload Processor
    • You can add your payloads and tamper them based on the selected technique. Write one payload per line.

The list of Evasion Techniques:

apostrophemask, apostrophenullencode, appendnullbyte, between, bluecoat, chardoubleencode, charencode, charunicodeencode, charunicodeescape, commalesslimit, commalessmid, commentbeforeparentheses, concat2concatws, equaltolike, escapequotes, greatest, halfversionedmorekeywords, hex2char, htmlencode, ifnull2casewhenisnull, ifnull2ifisnull, informationschemacomment, least, lowercase, modsecurityversioned, modsecurityzeroversioned, multiplespaces, overlongutf8, overlongutf8more, percentage, plus2concat, plus2fnconcat, randomcase, randomcomments, sp_password, space2comment, space2dash, space2hash, space2morecomment, space2morehash, space2mssqlblank, space2mssqlhash, space2mysqlblank, space2mysqldash, space2plus, space2randomblank, symboliclogical, unionalltounion, unmagicquotes, uppercase, versionedkeywords, versionedmorekeywords, 0eunion, misunion, schemasplit, binary, dunion, equaltorlike


Manual installation:

  1. Extender -> Options
  2. Click Select file under Python environment
  3. Choose jython-standalone-2.5.jar
  4. Extender -> Extensions
  5. Click Add
  6. Change Extension Type to Python
  7. Choose
  8. Done!

Usage notes:

  • All Tampered Queries (in Generator/Processor) returned in URL-Encoded
  • You can add a decode rule in Payload Processing section if you need URL-decoded payloads

Bug and Feature Request

Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.


We appreciate all forms of contribution. When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change. Contribution can include adding new feature,tampering technique based on your experience/articles/sqlmap repo, making typo corrections and much more. In general, we follow the "fork-and-pull" Git workflow.

  1. Fork the repo on GitHub
  2. Clone the project to your own machine
  3. Commit changes to your own branch
  4. Check and Test your changes. You could use url as target and make sure the extension works properly.
  5. Push your work back up to your fork
  6. Submit a Pull request so that we can review your changes

NOTE: Be sure to merge the latest from "upstream" before making a pull request!



  • Add Options tab:
    • Payloads Directory
    • Restore Defaults
  • Fix some issues in UI and Tamper module


  • Add tamper technique:
    • equaltorlike: Replaces all occurrences of operator equal (=) with RLIKE counterpart
  • Add Load button in User-Defined Payloads section.
  • Auto saves the Tamper Techniques, User-Defined Payloads and Processor Technique configuration.


  • Add tamper techniques:
    • 0eunion: Replaces instances of <int> UNION with <int>e0UNION
    • misunion: Replaces instances of UNION with -.1UNION
    • schemasplit: Replaces instances of DBName.TableName with DBName 9.e.TableName
    • binary: Injects keyword binary where possible
    • dunion: Replaces instances of <int> UNION with <int>DUNION


  • Release

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