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Awesome Open Source

A sexy achievement file parser with real-time notification, automatic screenshot and playtime tracking.
View every achievement earned on your PC whether it's coming from Steam, a Steam emulator, and more.
To see the full list of what this app can import please see the Wiki/Compatibility.

The original idea behind this app was that some steam emulators generate a text file where your unlocked achievements are stored. But they aren't very friendly to know which is which, here is an example :


So which achievement is NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_1 ? You'll have to ask the steam API or look online in a site like the steamdb to find out. So let's just do that automagically :)

Notification on achievement unlocking

Not as sexy as a directX Overlay but it's the next best thing.
Display a notification when you unlock an achievement via

⚠️ Please verify your system settings for this to work properly. More info
You can test notification in Settings > Debug to make sure your system is correctly configured or seems to be.
There is a lot of things to check so make sure to have a look at the wiki before asking for help.

📸 If you have enabled the souvenir option(s) then a screenshot and/or video will be taken when you unlock an achievement.

📖 Wiki and troubleshoot

There is a lot to say about this app. So for more info, configuration, troubleshoot, common issues etc ...
Please kindly see the Wiki, thank you.

Translation Help

I do my best to translate everything for every supported language by Steam, but it's rather difficult and I don't speak that much languages.
Fluent in another language ? Any help to add/modify/improve would be greatly appreciated.

More details here

How to build


You will need Node.js 14.x in x64 with NPM installed.
Innosetup 5 unicode with preprocessor and Inno Download Plugin (building the setup)

For Node.js you globally need asar and json :

npm install -g asar json

There will be some native_module to compile so you'll need :
VS2017 / C++ build tools, Python 2.7 3.x (node-gyp), and the Windows SDK 10.0.17134.0 (1803 Redstone 4)


Install node_modules folders with npm install.cmd
Use buildme.cmd in the root folder to build.


  • Most of the native code is now shipped as prebuilt binaries. If you want to compile them yourself I invit you to check out their corresponding repo.
    NB: Golang cgo requires a gcc compiler installed and set in PATH (recommended :

  • Innosetup is expected to be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Inno Setup 5 if that is not the case then update buildme.cmd with the correct path.

  • If NPM gives you some trouble, try to delete every package-lock.json.


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