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why are my directories structured the way that they are?

I'm using GNU Stow to symlink my dotfiles and each directory that you see here mirrors that of my $HOME directory -- some application and utility configurations typically go under $XDG_CONFIG (~/.config).

some of my favorite tools and utilities:

  • Alacritty : terminal
  • Neovim : text editor
  • bat : cat clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
  • exa : a modern replacement for ls
  • fd : simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
  • fzf : command-line fuzzy finder and file system navigation
  • htop : interactive process viewer
  • ripgrep : command-line search utility (faster than grep and ag)
  • tmux : terminal multiplexer for project/session management and restore, because re-opening projects is
  • zoxide : a faster way to navigate the filesystem
  • tree : Display directories as trees (with optional color/HTML output)

My other utilities and applications (primarily macOS) can be found in my Brewfile

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