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OpenMMO is NOT a game is a framework. The main goal of OpenMMO is modularity. Our endgame plan is to create a base foundation upon which a game of any genre can be created. Therefore, one should not expect RPG or other genre-specific features etc in the OpenMMO core. Instead, OpenMMO has been built from the ground up to be as modular as possible with a pluggable architecture that supports 3rd party addon development from the gate.

OpenMMO is designed to serve as the cornerstone to the foundation upon which a massive multiplayer game can be developed.


Core System Addons

-User Authentication

-Account Data Management

-Multi-Server Scene and Zone Management

Game System Addons

-a Server Authoritative Player Movement System

-a World Interaction System

-a basic Chat System

-a very basic example game to demonstrate the usage of these systems.

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