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Workarea Commerce Platform

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Workarea is an enterprise-grade commerce platform written in Ruby on Rails. It uses MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis. Workarea also uses a whole lot of gems you can see in our gemspec.

Workarea Commerce Cloud
Getting Started
Sites Running Workarea

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Workarea combines commerce, content, search, and insights into a unified platform to enable merchants to move faster and work smarter. Out-of-the-box features include:


  • Mobile-first frontend
  • Localization support
  • First-class SEO
  • Built-in analytics
  • Cart and checkout
  • Customer accounts
  • Discounts
  • Basic taxes
  • Shipping services


  • Responsive CMS
  • Asset management
  • Localized content
  • Intelligent merchandising
  • Content-based navigation


  • Product search
  • Search-driven categories
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Search merchandising
  • Results tuning
  • Advanced reporting


  • Robust dashboards
  • Sales reports
  • Trending reports
  • Search reports
  • Advanced insights


  • Site planning and automation
  • Workflows for common tasks
  • Inline insights
  • Search-first administration
  • Commenting
  • Audit logs for changes


You can run a demo version of Workarea after installing Docker by running the following command in your terminal:

curl -s | bash

If you are using MacOS or Windows, this will require you to increase Docker's memory allocation to at least 4GB. Go to your Docker preferences, select the advanced tab, and adjust the memory slider.

Once complete, you can view the Workarea Storefront at http://localhost:3000 and the Workarea Admin at http://localhost:3000/admin. The seed data provides an admin user with an email/password of [email protected]/w0rkArea!.

See the README in the demo directory for more information.

Getting Started

We'd suggest checking out our introductory overview article on Workarea to wrap your head around the technology. Read the Workarea developer overview article.

Then try following our guide on creating a new Workarea Rails app

If you have any problems, reach out on our public Slack. We're happy to help!

Watch the Quickstart Video:


Workarea extends functionality with a library of plugins. These plugins add everything from additional content blocks, to wish lists, to payment gateway integrations and more. Here are some of the most popular plugins:

Plugin Description
API Provides APIs for storefront and admin
Blog Integrated blogging
Reviews Adds product reviews
Google Analytics Integrates GA with Workarea's analytics
Paypal Adds Paypal checkout
Wish Lists Adds customer wish lists
Sitemaps Autogenerating sitemaps
Share Adds page sharing via social media or email
Package Products Allows displaying products as a group in browse and details pages
Gift Cards Adds Workarea-native digital gift cards

To see a full list of open-source plugins, check out the Workarea Github organization. More plugins like B2B functionality, order management, and running multiple sites are available through the Workarea Commerce Cloud.


Workarea is meant to be extended and customized to fit merchant needs. It's built as a collection of Rails Engines so the Rails guides on customizing engines apply. Workarea also includes the Rails Decorators to provide a easy and familiar path for Rails developers to customize Ruby classes. To read more, check out our documentation on extension.


Workarea is fairly complex application to host, we recommend our Commerce Cloud hosting.

If you'd like to host on your own, we have some documentation to help:

Sites Running Workarea

The Bouqs
Lonely Planet
Paragon Sports
Costume Super Center
and many more!


All contributors in any way are expected to follow the code of conduct.

Looking for how to contribute code?

We encourage you to contribute to Workarea! Check out our articles on contribution on

Looking for how to submit a bug?

Please check out our article on how to submit a bug for how to proceed

Looking for how to report a security vulnerability?

Please check out our security policy for how to proceed.


Workarea Commerce Platform is released under the Business Software License

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