Django Gunicorn Nginx Docker

Ready-To-Deploy Django application with docker compose
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Alternatives To Django Gunicorn Nginx Docker
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Ready-To-Deploy Django, gunicorn, NGINX, Docker Application

Getting a Django 4.2 app up in no time. In this project, gunicorn is used as a WSGI. NGINX is used as a reverse proxy server.


I have seen one too many Dockerfile with unreadable code. Many code base out there have Docker setup so elaborately that it is unmodifiable. Here, I try to simplify Dockerfile and Docker Compose file as much as possible, so that more than one developer in a team will understand how it works.

For Development

In the root level of this repository, copy the file named django.env.example to django.env and adjust file variables

cp django.env.example django.env

Build code with docker compose

docker-compose build

Run the built container

docker-compose up

Deploy as a Simple Application

Here is a script to install docker and docker-compose. After running these commands, exit from ssh and reconnect to the instance. This can be used in AWS Launch Config

sudo yum -y update
sudo yum install -y docker
sudo usermod -a -G docker $(whoami)
sudo service docker start
sudo curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

For Ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y
sudo usermod -a -G docker $(whoami)
sudo service docker start
sudo curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
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