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Feathers-vuex TodoMVC demo

This project takes the existing Vue TodoMVC demo and adds Feathers, and Feathers-vuex awesomeness!

In short, this stack makes it really simple to get reactive updates in Vue from a Feathers.js server, through Vuex.

Its a beautiful combination of full-stack tech.

How to get started

First, clone this repo

git clone [email protected]:wdmtech/feathers-vuex-todomvc.git

Server (Feathers)

cd server

npm install

npm run start

Client (Vue)

cd client

npm install

npm run serve or vue ui if you have vue-cli 3 or later.

Navigate to the url displayed (default localhost:8080) to view in your browser:


Still to do - contributions welcome!


I built this because there seemed to be a need for examples containing actual implementation of Feathers with Vue and Feathers-vuex.

Further information

CRUD operations in the UI

The Models and Instances API is used to create/remove/edit todos, and there is also an example implementation that illustrates receiving events from the server on the client.

todos service

…on the client

The service is defined in feathers-vuex: ./client/src/store/services/todos.js

This is then loaded by the store: ./client/src/store/index.js

…on the server

Initial todo data

The todos service is seeded with some initial data, in ./server/src/services/todos/todos.service.js

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