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DevTube is a free and open-source tech video hub, that is getting better every day thanks to ❤️ amazing contributors.

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How to contribute a video

All videos on DevTube are crawled automatically from a list of contributed channels, that live in this GitHub repository. You cannot contribute separate videos; you can only contribute channels or playlists.

After your contribution is accepted, it takes a few days for videos do get on DevTube.

When videos appear online, you will see your karma increasing:

karma up

How to contribute a channel

You can add a channel to channels.yml. DevTube automatically discovers playlists, so you don't need to contribute each playlist separately.

Warning: we don't accept channels with promotional and commercial videos. If your channel contains commercial videos, but you still want to share some of the technical videos, please, create a playlist and share that instead.

How to edit an existing video

For each video there is a corresponding <videoId>.yml file automatically created in GitHub:<videoId>.yml

The structure of the video metadata looks like this:

    - name: Donald Trump
      twitter: realDonaldTrump
    - name: Elon Musk
      twitter: elonmusk
title: Title goes here
language: English
category: conference # or vlog
featured: true (you need to have enough karma points, see
recordingDate: 1444245407 
description: Some text goes here
  • Please use spaces for formatting.
  • Please, only add speaker information if it is a real person.

How to remove a video

Just create an entry in ignored.yml and explain why you think the video should be removed.

How to add a speaker

When a new video is being ingested, DevTube tries to automatically discover the speaker using a list of pre-defined speakers. You can add speakers to speakers.yml.

When you add a new speaker, videos will be iterated through and tagged during the next crawling session. It might take up to a week. If you want to assign a speaker to videos faster, manually set the speaker on each video (see How to edit an existing video).

How to improve DevTube

If you have any ideas how DevTube can be improved, please create a new GitHub issue here.

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