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Useful svelte stuff to put in your projects



Useful svelte stuff to put in your projects


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See the dedicated documentation page here.


@svelte-put includes several packages that have self-managed release cycles, listed below. Check out their corresponding README for more details.

Svelte Actions

Package Short Description Version Changelog API Docs
@svelte-put/clickoutside event for clicking outside node npm.clickoutside.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/copy copy text to clipboard npm.copy.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/dragscroll add drag-to-scroll behavior npm.dragscroll.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/intersect wrapper for IntersectionObserver npm.intersect.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/inline-svg dynamically inline SVGs npm.inline-svg.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/movable move node on mousedown npm.movable.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/resize wrapper for ResizeObserver npm.resize.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/shortcut add keyboard shortcuts to node npm.shortcut.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/toc action & utilities for building table of contents npm.toc.badge Changelog API docs.badge


Package Short Description Version Changelog API Docs
@svelte-put/avatar component & utilities for avatar npm.avatar.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/modal type-safe async modal builder npm.modal.badge Changelog API docs.badge


Package Short Description Version Changelog API Docs
@svelte-put/preprocess-auto-slug auto add id and anchor to selected nodes npm.preprocess-auto-slug.badge Changelog API docs.badge
@svelte-put/preprocess-inline-svg inline static SVGs at build time npm.preprocess-inline-svg.badge Changelog API docs.badge

In the Pipeline

These are some packages that will be added in the future (as soon as I find time, and the implementation has matured & become generic enough).

Package Category Short Description Status Docs
@svelte-put/select component minimal & extensible select active development coming soon
@svelte-put/popover action trigger tooltip & detailed popover, using popperjs prototype
@svelte-put/noti utility fire async toast-like notification prototype
@svelte-put/inputcache action cache & restore value of input into/from local/session storage prototype
@svelte-put/form action auto collect type-safe input value from form (???) inception

Names for those packages may change.


Read Contribution Guide

This project is a monorepo using turborepo under the hood. Familiarity with turborepo is not required but encouraged.

For a quick start, run the script below at project root to see what commands are available.

pnpm turbo

buy vnphanquang a banh mi

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