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Awesome Open Source

Motion Layout Demos


This repository contains collection of demos which I presented during AppDevCon'19 [Motion Layout workshop](

Library and Frameworks

  • Minimum SDK level 21
  • Kotlin based.
  • Motion Layout - 2.0.0-beta8
  • Android Studio - 4.2 Canary 7
  • Gradle - 4.2.0-alpha07 & Wrapper - gradle-6.5-all

Collections of different Animations present in this repository.

Title GIF Layout MotionScene
Basic Animation Layout MotionScene
Custom Attributes Layout MotionScene
Key Attributes Layout MotionScene
Photo Manipulation Layout MotionScene
Carousel Animation Layout MotionScene
Complex Carousel Animation Layout MotionScene
Collapsing Toolbar Layout MotionScene
Collapsing Header Layout MotionScene

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