A simple RayCasting rendering tutorial for game development
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RayCasting Tutorial

A tutorial repository for anyone who wants to learn how to render RayCasting like old 3D games!

-- Tutorial --


RayCasting is a technique to create a 3D projection based on 2D plane. This technique was used for old games when computers didn't have a good performance like today computers. You can find this rendering method in Wolfstein 3D that is considered to be the first 3D game ever. The game DOOM uses a similar technique known as binary space partitioning (BSP), but this tutorial is focused on the RayCasting implementation only.

Programming language

The programming language used for this tutorial is Javascript with HTML5. This was choosen because the ease of implementation and because this language has weak-typing, so this is fast to program in. The other rason for this language is that you will not need a lot of resources to execute your code, just a web browser. I recommend to use some IDE, like Visual Studio Code for coding.


The implementation is not so hard, but you have to know the basics of trigonometry, programming language, and graphical programming (canvas). For more details of pre-requisites, check the list below:

  • Javascript (Programming language)
  • Basic of Trigonometry
  • HTML5 Canvas


Click in this link to access the tutorial. This tutorial is in the Wiki page of this repository.


If you wants to contribute for this tutorial, suggest some fix, found something wrong or contribute to this project, please, open an issue in this repository and I will analyze it with great pleasure. Thanks!

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