A neuroevolution game experiment.
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3 years agomitJavaScript
A neuroevolution game experiment.
a year ago1mitGDScript
An implementation of Kenneth O. Stanley's NEAT Algorithm for the Godot game engine, written in gdscript.
4 years agoPython
Playing OpenAI games with Neuroevolution
Mario Ai5
8 years ago4Lua
Neuroevolution of augmenting topologies for Mario games
Brick Game Neuroevolution4
5 years agoJavaScript
[NeuroEvolution] Mini game where a Neural Network learns to avoid falling walls.
Flappy Bird Neuro Evolution3
5 years ago2Python
Machine learning model that learns to play Flappy bird game developed using Neural networks and Genetic algorithm(NEAT).
4 years agoJavaScript
Une intelligence artificielle qui apprend à jouer à FlappyBird
Neuroevolution Trex On Steroids3
3 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
Implemetation of NEAT algorithm (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies ) to build an AI that learns to play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game
Gadakeco Ml3
4 years ago5mitPython
realize machine learning algorithm in game gadakeco
Ne Escape Jump2
4 years agoJavaScript
Neuroevolution algorithm to play escape jump game.
Alternatives To Aimandshoot
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Aim and Shoot


You're Nole Ksum (the k is silent), a citizen concern about the uprising of the machine who decided to take matters into your own hands and put an end to all artificial intelligence. You must kill all the evil robots controlled by Neural Networks and stop them from evolving into more dangerous beings. The entire human race counts on you, don't let them down.

Play it here | Alternative link here

How To Play


w, a, s, d - Move the player up, left, down, right. Arrow keys do the same.

mouse - Aims and shoots (click).

I do not recommend using this on a mobile, but if you must


The big left circle moves the player.
The big right circle aims the player.
The two little circles above them, shoot.

You've been warned.


Kill the bots, don't get killed. Also don't touch the borders of the screen, they hurt you. But, feel free to push the bots into them.

Status Bars

Above the bots there are two status bars.
The red one indicates health, if it's empty you die.
The green one is the cool down meter, if it's empty you can't shoot until it regenerates.

About the Experiment

I've always wanted to take the time to make a Neuroevolution experiment, so I did.

Each bot is controlled by it's own Neural Network (that I made a while back - here). When all the bots die, the genetic algorithm evaluates their fitness score (based on how many shots they fired, how many hits the got, how many friends they shot, how much they hurt themselves and how much they moved during the round) and cross the ones with the highest scores.

This goes on forever, until the player dies (which will happen eventually, so Nole can't never save the human race, after all). By the way, the background history is a joke. I don't mean to make fun of anyone. The idea just seems funny and fit the project.

Fun Fact: the artwork was created using my PaintDraw tool.


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