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Velocity Editor for Eclipse

This project leverages the Eclipse platform by adding support for the template/scripting engine Apache Velocity.

It uses the parser of the Velocity engine (currently v1.7.0) to provide a Velocity-aware text editor with outline view.

Velocity Editor

The editor is associated to files with the extensions *.vsl or *.vm. This is defined in a content type available from Preferences > General > Content Type > Text > Velocity Template. Additional file name extensions can be specified here as well.

Editor Features

  • Syntax-highlight for Velocity Template Language (VTL)
  • Outline view with hierarchy of VTL directives and Velocimacro references
  • Content assist for VTL directives (Screenshot) and references (Screenshot) -> auto-activation after the character # or $ or manually via keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space
  • Automatic template validation while typing (the first syntax error is shown in task list and the according line is marked in annotation column) -> Screenshot
  • Annotation hover with definition of references (Screenshot) and template syntax errors (Screenshot)
  • Go to definition of variable or Velocimacro reference under current cursor position (via navigate + context menu or keyboard shortcut F3)
  • Use Workbench's navigation history to return to previous location (keyboard shortcut Alt + Arrow Left).
  • Comment and uncomment blocks (via Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+\)
  • Preference pages for definition of Velocity counter name and user-defined Velocity directives (Screenshot)
  • Preference pages for color settings of the editor's syntax highlighting (Screenshot)
  • Preference pages for Velocimacro library (Screenshot)


Online updates are available from

To install the plugin use this URL in Eclipse's Update Manager (Help > Install New Software) or drag the following badge to your running Eclipse workspace (requires Eclipse Marketplace Plugin):

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install veloedit

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