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This starter kit has been deprecated and is no longer being actively maintained by Ueno.




React Native Starter

Dependencies devDependencies

The Professional React Native Starter with everything you'll ever need to deploy rock solid apps.

  • Opinionated dependencies
  • React Native Navigation 4
  • TypeScript 3.7
  • Auto Linking
  • Gradle 5
  • Unit and integration tests
  • Continuous delivery support for Microsoft App Center

Getting Started

Super-Quick Start

git clone [email protected]:ueno-llc/react-native-starter.git my-new-app
cd my-new-app
yarn rename "MyNewApp" com.ueno.mynewapp
yarn start
yarn ios # or yarn android

Alternatively you can use create-ueno-app:

yarn create ueno-app native my-new-app co.ueno.mynewapp

Running automated tests


yarn build:e2e:ios
yarn test:e2e:ios

Note: To see the testing in-action, open the iPhone X Simulator manually before running the tests.


yarn build:e2e:android
yarn test:e2e:android

Note: You will need to create Emulator with the name Pixel_2_API_28 in Android Studio.


The documentation is available here on GitHub Pages.

We also recommend the following reading material:


No plans have been made so far to upgrade. We only support merging from upstream for now.


If you are interested in helping out, feel free to submit issues, pull-requests or even contact us. We are open to all kind of contributions.


This project is MIT licensed

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