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JSON Object Signing and Encryption library for C++

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Built and tested with:

  • GCC
    • C++11
    • С++14
    • С++17
  • СLang
    • C++11
    • С++14
    • С++17

Supported features:

  • Sign
  • Verify

Supported algorithms

Alg Status
HS256 Supported
HS384 Supported
HS512 Supported
RS256 Supported
RS384 Supported
RS512 Supported
ES256 Supported
ES384 Supported
ES512 Supported
PS256 Supported
PS384 Supported
PS512 Supported
EdDSA Supported


Claim Options Status
ess set,verify Supported
sub set,verify Supported
aud set,verify Supported
exp set,verify Supported
nbf set,verify Supported
iat set,verify Supported
jti set,verify Supported

How to use

Refer to tests dir

How to build/install

CMake sources deps


System-wide installation

On MacOS OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR might need to be specified. Add -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=$(brew --prefix openssl) to cmake stage

git clone
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -Wno-dev -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install prefix> ..
make install


brew tap troian/tap
brew install jwtpp


  • Documentation
  • Examples
  • Tests

How to contribute

Just do it! :)

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