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The ultimate afunix documentation

afunix is an api to unix domain sockets. The afunix is a "plugin" to the inet/gen_tcp. The api is binary compatible with the gen_tcp interface. The afunix is not available on the windows platform, hence the unix part of afunix.

To connect to a unix domain socket you do

afunix:connect(Name, Options) -> {ok,socket()} | {error,posix_error()}

To start a unix domain socket server you do

afunix:listen(Name, Options) ->  {ok,socket()} | {error,posix_error()}

From there on you can use the "normal" inet and gen_tcp interface.


Shell 1:

1> {ok,L} = afunix:listen("/tmp/foo", []).
2> {ok,S} = gen_tcp:accept(L).

Shell 2:

1> {ok,S} = afunix:connect("/tmp/foo", []).
2> afunix:send(S, "Hello").
3> gen_tcp:send(S, "Hej").        

Shell 1:

3> flush().
Shell got {tcp,#Port<0.2244>,"Hello"}
Shell got {tcp,#Port<0.2244>,"Hej"}

It is also possible to use the corresponding afunix module functions, the following functions are avaiable

afunix:listen(Name::string(), Options::[listen_option()]).
afunix:accept(ListenSocket::socket(), Tmo::timeout())
afunix:send(Socket::socket(), Packet::iodata()).
afunix:send(Socket::socket(), Packet::iodata(), Options).
afunix:recv(Socket::socket(), Length::non_neg_integer()).
afunix:recv(Socket::socket(), Length::non_neg_integer(),Tmo::timeout()).
afunix:unrecv(Socket::socket(), Data::iodata()).
afunix:shutdown(Socket::socket(), read|write|read_write).
afunix:controlling_process(Socket::socket(), Pid::pid()).
afunix:fdopen(Fd::integer(), Options).

Special api functions


get_peercred return {ok,Uid}, the effective user id of the socket peer, or {error,Reason}.


get_peerpid return {ok,Pid}, the process id of the socket peer, or {error,Reason}.

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