Tonik is a WordPress Starter Theme which aims to modernize, organize and enhance some aspects of WordPress theme development.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Sage12,10363a day ago40July 19, 202213mitPHP
WordPress starter theme with Laravel Blade components and templates, Tailwind CSS, and a modern development workflow
Wp Bootstrap Navwalker3,347
8 months ago31gpl-3.0PHP
A custom WordPress nav walker class to fully implement the Twitter Bootstrap 4.0+ navigation style (v3-branch available for Bootstrap 3) in a custom theme using the WordPress built in menu manager.
Argon Theme3,160
2 months ago120gpl-3.0PHP
📖 Argon - 一个轻盈、简洁的 WordPress 主题
Understrap2,9578113 days ago37November 08, 202175gpl-3.0CSS
Underscores + Bootstrap = Understrap, the renowned open-source WordPress starter theme.
14 hours ago6gpl-2.0PHP
一个多彩、轻松上手、体验完善,具有强大自定义功能的WordPress主题(基于Sakura主题,支持简繁英日多语言)A Colorful, Easy-to-use, Perfect Experience, and Powerful Customizable WordPress Theme (Based on Theme Sakura. Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese languages)
Redux Framework1,65831a month ago67June 21, 2022otherPHP
Redux is a simple, truly extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins!
Vuejs Wordpress Theme Starter1,547
4 months ago36JavaScript
A WordPress theme with the guts ripped out and replaced with Vue.
6 months ago79May 14, 20221mitJavaScript
🎈 Automate your WordPress development workflow.
Wordpress Bootstrap1,494
a year agoFebruary 22, 202192PHP
Bootstrap in WordPress theme form - Bootstrap 3.3.1
Wordpress Theme Puock1,453
9 days ago56gpl-3.0PHP
:art: 一款基于WordPress开发的高颜值的自适应主题,支持白天与黑夜模式/无刷新加载/第三方登录等众多功能 | A high-value adaptive theme based on WordPress, supports light and dark modes, no refresh loading, etc.
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Tonik WordPress Starter Theme

The develop branch tracks starter development and it's not a stable code. If you want a stable version, use the master branch or one of the latest releases.

Build Status Packagist license

Tonik is a WordPress Starter Theme which aims to modernize, organize and enhance some aspects of WordPress theme development.

Take a look at what is waiting for you:


Tonik Starter Theme follows WordPress recommended requirements. Make sure you have all these dependences installed before moving on:


Comprehensive documentation of the starter is available at


Great that you are considering supporting the project. You have a lot of ways to help us grow. We appreciate all contributions, even the smallest.

  • Report an issue
  • Propose a feature
  • Send a pull request
  • Star project on the GitHub
  • Tell about project around your community


The Tonik Starter Theme is licensed under the MIT license.

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