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Awesome Open Source

PortalCMS (1.3.5) (March 2019)

  • PortalCMS is a free and open source developer framework built in C# MVC featuring a powerful integrated page builder with inline editing, drag and drop and content management.
  • PortalCMS gives you a fully featured .NET MVC website out of the box which can be easily extended by web developers.
  • Non technical users can create unlimited pages and blog posts without writing any code using the Page Builder.
  • This repository is now in maintenance, which means there is not currently a roadmap of new features to add, but we will keep it up to date.

Learn More

  • Test Drive PortalCMS using our Online Demo: Online Demo
  • Let us know how you use PortalCMS so we can list you on this repo.

Why Choose Portal CMS?

  • To build a modern website that is good looking, standards compliant and easy to use with minimal effort and time.
  • Get the ability to update your website from any device and any location quickly.
  • It is lightweight and lean by design, only providing you the minimum features you need to build a valuable website, you can add any bespoke functionality you need by simply extending the C# MVC Website.
  • Portal CMS Can be hosted economically on traditional hosting platforms in addition to Microsoft Azure's App Service.
  • Easy to setup with no scripts or installations to run, everything Portal CMS needs is setup automatically.
  • To give you the freedom to change the framework to suit your requirements
  • To give technical users the ability to develop bespoke functionality quickly.
  • To give non technical users the ability to edit the website in real time.

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