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Application of machine learning to the Coinbase (GDAX) orderbook using a stacked bidirectional LSTM/GRU model to predict new support and resistance on a 15-minute basis; Currently under heavy development.

Model Structure (visual): Model Structure (visual)

General project API/data structure: General API/data structure:

General Project Requirements

  • Anaconda environment strongly recommended
    • see requirements.txt for pip, or environment.yml for Anaconda/conda
      • Jupyter Notebook
      • Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, MongoDB, PyMongo, Git LFS
      • Scipy, Numpy, Feather
      • Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn
  • Python client for the Coinbase Pro API: [coinbasepro-python] (
  • CUDA/CUDNN-compatible GPU highly recommended for model training, testing, and predicting

Tensorflow/Keras local GPU backend configuration (Nvidia CUDA/cuDNN)

Local GPU used to greatly accelerate prototyping, construction, and building of ML model(s) for this project, especially considering the nature of the dataset & machine learning model complexity.

  • Requirements to run tensorflow with GPU support
  • Nvidia GPU compatible with with CUDA Compute 3.0
    • Nvidia CUDA 9.0
    • Nvidia cuDNN 7.0 (v7.1.2)
      • Install cuDNN .dlls in CUDA directory
      • Edit environment variables:
        • C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v9.0
    • pip uninstall tensorflow && pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade tensorflow-gpu
      • Default tensorflow install is CPU-only; install CUDA and cuDNN requirements, then uninstall tensorflow and reinstall tensorflow-gpu (pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade tensorflow-gpu)

Project/File Structure

Latest notebook file(s) with project code:


  • Development of data pipelines and optimization of data from MongoDB instance to ML model pretraining
  • Removal of deprecated packages + base package version upgrade (i.e. Pandas)
  • Development groundwork for automation pipeline for automated hourly data scrape, cycling, and training for model through segregated instance or live online-based model
  • Usage of in-line markdown cells in-notebook for readability and consistency
  • Even further refinement to program structure
  • Function scope and structure & function creation for common operations
  • Parsing of raw data into 4 separate l2 update (4 consecutive 15 minute l2update segments)


  • Notebook used for further development of model in different formats, and testing of reduced complexity models
    • Keras Sequential() Model
    • Keras Functional API
    • Raw Tensorflow


  • Previous notebook with proof-of-concept output results
    • Several function calls via API and multiple packages required are deprecated
    • Use as reference for updated development files/notebooks


  • Notebook file used to scrape/update raw_data for both MongoDB and csv format, 1 hour of websocket data from GDAX
    • L2 Snapshot + L2 Updates without overhead of Match data response (does not have Match data; test data has Match data and adds significant I/O overhead)

Folder/Repository Structure

  • 'gdax-python' and 'gdax-ohlc-import' are repositories imported as Git Submodules:
    • After cloning the main project repository, the following command is required to ensure that the submodule repository contents are pulled/present: git submodule update --init --recursive
    • .gitmodules file is file for submodule parameters
  • 'model_saved' folder:
    • Contains .json and .h5 files for current and previous Tensorflow/Keras models (trained model and model weight export/import)
  • 'documentation' folder:
    • 'rds_ml_yu.revised.pptx' is a powerpoint presentation summarizing the key technical components, scope, limitations, of this project.
    • 'design_mockup' folder:
      • Contains diagrams, drawings, and notes used in the process of model and project design during prototyping, testing, and expansion.
    • 'design_explanation' folder:
      • Contains 8 pages of detailed explanations and diagrams in regards to both project/model structure and design.
    • 'previous_revisions' folder:
      • Contains previous/outdated versions of readme documentation and powerpoint presentations documenting the nature of this project
  • 'saved_charts' folder:
    • Output of generate_chart() for candlestick chart with visualized autogenerated support and resistance from autoSR()
    • Screenshot of model layer structure in text format
    • Graphviz output of model layer structure
  • 'test_data' folder:
    • Only has 10 minutes of scraped data for testing, development, and model input prototyping (snapshot + l2 response updates)
  • 'raw_data' folder:
    • 1 hour of scraped data (snapshot + l2 response updates)
      • l2update_15min_1-4: 1 hour of l2 updates split into four 15-minute increments
      • mongo_raw.json: 1 hour of scraped data from the gdax-python API websocket in raw mongoDB format
  • 'raw_data_10h' folder:
    • 10 hours of scraped data:
      • l2update_10h, request_log_10h, and snapshot_asks/bids_10h
      • 10 hours of scraped data in raw mongoDB export (JSON): mongo_raw_10h.json
    • Data in .msg (MessagePack) format currently experimental/testing as alternative to .csv format for I/O operations
  • 'raw_data_pipeline' folder:
    • Contains data in .feather format as part of data pipeline(s) implementation and development
  • 'archived_ipynb' folder:
    • Contains previous Jupyter Notebook files used in the construction, design, and prototyping of components of this project.
      • Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb) notebook files 1-5 & 7
      • Each successive notebook was used to construct and test whether at each "stage" if a project of this kind of scope would even be technically possible.
    • Successive numbered notebooks generally improve and are iterative in nature on previous notebook files for this project.

Misc. Technical Reference

Publications and Journals referenced for model structure and design


- gdax-orderbook-ml: BSD-3 Licensed, Copyright (c) 2018 Timothy Yu
- coinbasepro-python: MIT Licensed, Copyright (c) 2017 Daniel Paquin 
- autoSR() function adapted from nakulnayyar/SupResGenerator, Copyright (c) 2016 Nakul Nayyar (

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