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A Minimal Perfect Hash Function Library.

  • Mainly written in Java. Includes a C version (currently only evaluation of a MPHF).
  • Can generate, in linear time, MPHFs that need less than 1.58 bits per key.
  • Can generate MPHFs in less than 100 ns/key, evaluation faster than 100 ns/key, at less than 3 bits per key.
  • Concurrent generation.
  • Tested up to 1 billion keys.
  • Two parameters to configure space needed, generation time, and evaluation time.
  • Can be used as a static bloom filter, by storing a hash fingerprint per key.
  • Performance very similar than the Sux4J CHD and GOV algorithms, but configurable, with ability to use less space.

This library should already be usable, but it is still work in progress. The plan is to publish a paper.

The algorithm used is described here as text, and here as slideshow (also available on SlideShare).

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