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This is a small MVVM library I wrote, because I implemented the same stuff over and over again in several projects.

I tried Caliburn Micro, MVVM Light and others, but none of them met my demands satisfactory.

My requirements were:

The main purpose of this library is to speed up the development of small to midsize WPF applications using MahApps.Metro.


TinyLittleMvvm provides following features:

Builds and Packages

Channel Build NuGet Package
Unstable Build Status Nuget (with prereleases)
Stable Build Status Nuget

Version history

v2 (not released yet)

  • .NET Core 3 support
  • Dropped support for .NET Framework < 4.7.2
  • Use Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstraction instead of LibLog.
  • Use Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstraction instead of Autofac.
  • Strong-named assembly.
  • Template for dotnet new.

v1.1 (4/29/2019)

  • fixed deployment bug

v1.0 (4/29/2019)

  • removed NLog dependency (wasn't used actually, but the package was still referenced)
  • Allow positioning of flyouts (issue #10)

v0.5 (1/14/2017)

  • Added ICancelableOnClosingHandler

v0.4 (1/14/2017)

  • Breaking change: Switched from NLog to LibLog, so users of TinyLittleMvvm can use whatever logging framework they want. Users of previous versions of TinyLittleMvvm need to add and configure logging library.

v0.3.2 (3/31/2016)

  • Added documentation

v0.3 (1/11/2015)

  • First usable version

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