Node.js implementation of the Web Bluetooth Specification
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An up-to-date listing of all the various Bluetooth Specification-related elements that are defined by our industry (Company IDs, Service UUIDs, Characteristic UUIDs and Descriptor UUIDs), that you can use instead of rolling your own.
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8916 hours ago32February 03, 20222mitPython
📡 A simple Python API for Tile® Bluetooth trackers
Bluez Ibeacon141
10 years ago2mitObjective-C
Complete example of using Bluez as an iBeacon
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Node Web Bluetooth

Node.js implementation of the Web Bluetooth Specification

Build Status npm Licence MIT


Node.js > v10.20.0, which includes npm.


$ npm install webbluetooth

Getting Started

See the examples or view the API documentation at:



The module exports a default navigator.bluetooth instance, the Bluetooth class to allow you to instantiate your own bluetooth instances and the Bluetooth helper methods:

Using the default bluetooth instance

To use existing Web Bluetooth scripts, you can simply use the default bluetooth instance in place of the navigator.bluetooth object:

const bluetooth = require('webbluetooth').bluetooth;

const device = await bluetooth.requestDevice({
    filters:[{ services:[ 'heart_rate' ] }]

const server = await device.gatt.connect();

The first device matching the filters will be returned.

Creating your own bluetooth instances

You may want to create your own instance of the Bluetooth class. For example, to inject a device chooser function or control the referring device:

const Bluetooth = require('webbluetooth').Bluetooth;

const deviceFound = (device, selectFn) => {
    // If device can be automatically selected, do so by returning true
    if (device.name === 'myName') return true;

    // Otherwise store the selectFn somewhere and execute it later to select this device

const bluetooth = new Bluetooth({ deviceFound });

const device = await bluetooth.requestDevice({
    filters:[{ services:[ 'heart_rate' ] }]

const server = await device.gatt.connect();


The Web Bluetooth specification can be found here:


Implementation Status


  • [ ] getAvailability() - unsupported in adapter
  • [x] referringDevice
  • [x] requestDevice()
  • [x] getDevices()
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.filter.name
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.filter.namePrefix
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.filter.services
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.filter.manufacturerData
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.filter.serviceData
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.acceptAllDevices
  • [x] RequestDeviceOptions.optionalServices
  • [ ] RequestDeviceOptions.exclusionFilters
  • [ ] RequestDeviceOptions.optionalManufacturerData - used in advertisements, unsupported in adapter


  • [x] id
  • [x] name
  • [x] gatt
  • [x] forget()
  • [ ] watchAdvertisements() - unsupported in adapter
  • [ ] watchingAdvertisements - unsupported in adapter


  • [x] device
  • [x] connected
  • [x] connect()
  • [x] disconnect()
  • [x] getPrimaryService()
  • [x] getPrimaryServices()


  • [x] uuid
  • [x] device
  • [x] isPrimary
  • [x] getCharacteristic()
  • [x] getCharacteristics()
  • [ ] getIncludedService() - unsupported in adapter
  • [ ] getIncludedServices() - unsupported in adapter


  • [x] uuid
  • [x] service
  • [x] value
  • [ ] properties.broadcast - unsupported in adapter
  • [x] properties.read
  • [x] properties.writeWithoutResponse
  • [x] properties.write
  • [x] properties.notify
  • [x] properties.indicate
  • [ ] properties.authenticatedSignedWrites - unsupported in adapter
  • [ ] properties.reliableWrite - unsupported in adapter
  • [ ] properties.writableAuxiliaries - unsupported in adapter
  • [x] getDescriptor()
  • [x] getDescriptors()
  • [x] readValue()
  • [x] writeValue()
  • [x] writeValueWithResponse()
  • [x] writeValueWithoutResponse()
  • [x] startNotifications()
  • [x] stopNotifications()


  • [x] uuid
  • [x] characteristic
  • [x] value
  • [x] readValue()
  • [x] writeValue()


  • [x] getService()
  • [x] getCharacteristic()
  • [x] getDescriptor()
  • [x] canonicalUUID()



  • [ ] availabilitychanged - unsupported in adapter

Bluetooth Device

  • [x] gattserverdisconnected
  • [ ] advertisementreceived - unsupported in adapter

Bluetooth Service

  • [x] serviceadded
  • [ ] servicechanged - unsupported in adapter
  • [ ] serviceremoved - unsupported in adapter

Bluetooth Characteristic

  • [x] characteristicvaluechanged


  • [x] Device selector hook
  • [x] Examples
  • [x] API Documentation



This repository uses a submodule to reference the SimpleBLE library. Clone it as follows:

git clone https://github.com/thegecko/webbluetooth
cd webbluetooth
git submodule update --init


To build the SimpleBLE module, bindings and TypeScriptsource, run:

yarn build:all


The tests are set up to use a BBC micro:bit in range with the following services available:

  • Device Info Service (0000180a-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
  • LED Service (e95dd91d-251d-470a-a062-fa1922dfa9a8)
  • Button Service (e95d9882-251d-470a-a062-fa1922dfa9a8)

Firmware for this hardware including the services can be found here: https://microbit.org/get-started/user-guide/firmware/

To run the tests:

yarn test
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