My personal Spacemacs config.
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4 days ago352gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
A community-driven Emacs distribution - The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it's Emacs *and* Vim!
Spacemacs Rocks2,058
8 months ago51CSS
Happy Hacking Emacs & Spacemacs (Simplified Chinese)
Homebrew Emacs Plus1,870
16 days ago32mitRuby
Emacs Plus formulae for the Homebrew package manager
Dumb Jump1,466
21 days ago14October 18, 202177gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
an Emacs "jump to definition" package for 50+ languages
Ox Hugo800
5 days ago26gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
A carefully crafted Org exporter back-end for Hugo
Oh My Emacs713
6 years agobsd-3-clauseEmacs Lisp
[Stopped] Provide an awesome, out-of-box, literate dotemacs for both newbies and nerds.
2 months ago16Emacs Lisp
Emacs version switcher, improved
Emacs Kaolin Themes616
2 months ago3gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
Set of eye pleasing themes for GNU Emacs. Supports both GUI and terminal.
Lsp Java583
a month ago86gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
lsp-mode :heart: java
2 years ago11Emacs Lisp
Emacs profile switcher
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Spacemacs Config

This is a conversion of all the good stuff from my old and trusted emacs configuration to Spacemacs. Spacemacs has the very same intentions as my original config, namely a beautiful merging of Vim and Emacs. However, Spacemacs is much better than anything I could have ever made.

The Lisp is currently a bit unstructured, but I plan on creating it out of a babel file anyway (making this Readme, then, obsolete).

I'm currently using Emacs mostly for the following things:

  • Clojure/ClojureScript
  • Swift (Yes, Swift, because Xcode7 is currently very very unstable)
  • HTML/Javascript/CSS
  • Org Mode


  • Half-Working Swift mode for org-mode babel. (see custom/ob-swift.el)
  • Adapted for Mac OS X Keyboard
  • OSX / Emacs movement keybindings (c-e, c-a, etc) in Evil Mode

Enjoy @terhechte

Obligatory Screenshot


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