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About this project

Company t-shirts are usually cheap and boring. We tried to make it different and we came up with tech constellations. The logo of each technology/language/framework we like and use daily was transformed into a constellation. We found the end result to be great so we want to share it with you. So here they are - (probably) the world's first open-source t-shirts.

Assets and usage

CONSTELLATIONS_by_TEONITE is a file with assets we made for use on TEONITE's t-shirts projects. Feel free to use them in your project. Word of advice: try to achieve high contrast between objects and t-shirt main color.

HOW_TO_START is a quick tutorial on "How to create your own constellation". You might find it useful.

For logo spacing and placement, as well as additional tweaks, examine "sample_female_M_fullprint" and "sample_male_M_fullprint" files. These are the files we used in printing our version of male and female t-shirts.

The font used in this project is Exo 2 which you can download here: and here

I just want to buy the t-shirt

If you don't want to make your own t-shirts, you can just buy one with a selected constellation logo (Python/Angular/React/Docker/etc.) in the swag shop:

How it all started

If you want to know how this project was formed, read more on our blog:


shirt-front shirt-side shirt-back

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