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Temporal proposals

This repo tracks all new and accepted feature proposals (internal or external) for the Temporal open source project. If you're interested in submitting a proposal for consideration, please refer the Creating a new proposal section.

Creating a new proposal

The Temporal proposal process begins when you create an issue adhering to the proposal template. There are some general guidelines we expect all proposal contributors to follow:

  • Before you submit a new proposal, please do your best to search through the repo for existing proposals that address a similar problem.
  • Proposal must adhere to our proposal issue template. Reviewing proposals takes time, having a standard form of submission ensures each proposal gets a fair chance.
  • It's important to explain why the proposal is important to Temporal, outside of your specific needs. Temporal is a community project and therefore we will prioritize proposals that most benefit the community.

We appreciate the time and energy it takes to create a well constructed proposal. If you ever feel that your proposal was constructed properly but not given a fair chance, please reach out to us!

If you're struggling to understand what a basic issue proposal will look like, check out this example issue.

Active proposals (Stage 1)

Proposal Author Last Presented

Accepted proposals (Stage 2)

Proposal Author Status
PHP SDK SpiralScout Production
Core SDK Temporal Alpha
NodeJS SDK Temporal Alpha