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docker for server is an alternative for ngrok. taichunmin/serveo-server can let you host your own serveo. And taichunmin/serveo can let you secure URL to your localhost server through any NAT or firewall in Docker.

Set up credentials

You should provide a https credentials or generate one by Let's Encrypt.


  1. Copy the example file
    $ cp docker-compose.example.yml docker-compose.yml
  2. You should edit docker-compose.yml to change the domain argument.
  3. use docker-compose up -d to start container.
  4. you can use docker-compose logs to confirm the service start successfully.


$ git clone

$ cd docker-serveo-server

# You need to set up credentials first, please see dns-cloudflare/

$ cp docker-compose.example.yml docker-compose.yml

$ nano docker-compose.yml # change domain

$ sudo docker-compose up -d

$ sudo docker-compose logs serveo
# Attaching to docker-serveo-server_serveo_1
# serveo_1  | 2019/03/16 13:11:42 Listening on :2222...

$ ssh -R -p 2222 # on another computer
# Forwarding HTTP traffic from
# Press g to start a GUI session and ctrl-c to quit.


MIT License

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