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t-rex is a vector tile server specialized on publishing MVT tiles from your own data.


  • Support for PostGIS databases and GDAL vector formats
  • Auto-detection of layers in data source
  • Built-in viewers for data display and inspection
  • Tile generation command with simple parallelization
  • Automatic reprojection to grid CRS
  • Support for custom tile grids


  • T-rex, a vector tile server for your own data (FOSS4G 2017): slides
  • Vector Tiles - Introduction & Usage with QGIS (User meeting Bern 21.6.17): slides
  • Von WMS zu WMTS zu Vektor-Tiles (FOSSGIS 2017): Video
  • Workshop "Vector Tiles" (GEOSummit Bern 7.6.16): slides



Quick tour

t_rex serve --dbconn postgresql://user:[email protected]/osm2vectortiles

Tiles are then served at http://localhost:6767/{layer}/{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf

A list of all detected layers is available at http://localhost:6767/

Use a tile cache:

t_rex serve --dbconn postgresql://user:[email protected]/osm2vectortiles --cache /tmp/mvtcache

Generate a configuration template:

t_rex genconfig --dbconn postgresql://user:[email protected]/osm2vectortiles | tee osm2vectortiles.toml

Run server with configuration file:

t_rex serve --config osm2vectortiles.toml

Generate tiles for cache:

t_rex generate --config osm2vectortiles.toml

Increase log level:

t_rex serve --loglevel debug --dbconn postgresql://user:[email protected]/osm2vectortiles

For developers

t-rex is written in Rust. Minimal required rustc version is 1.45.


cargo build

Run tests:

cargo test --all

Run server with DB connection:

cargo run -- serve --dbconn postgresql://t_rex:[email protected]:5439/t_rex_tests

Decode a vector tile:

curl --silent | protoc --decode=vector_tile.Tile t-rex-core/src/mvt/vector_tile.proto

Database tests

Unit tests which need a PostgreSQL connection are ignored by default.

Start Test DB:

docker run -p -d --name trextestdb --rm sourcepole/trextestdb

To run the database tests, declare the connection in an environment variable DBCONN:

export DBCONN=postgresql://t_rex:[email protected]:5439/t_rex_tests

Run the tests with

cargo test --all -- --ignored

Creating test database locally:

# Set Postgresql environment variables when needed: PGHOST, PGPORT, PGUSER, PGPASSWORD
cd data
make createdb loaddata

S3 tests

Unit tests which need a S3 connection are skipped by default.

Install MinIO Client.

Start Test S3

docker run -d --rm -p 9000:9000 -e MINIO_REGION_NAME=my-region -e MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=miniostorage -e MINIO_SECRET_KEY=miniostorage minio/minio server /data && sleep 5 && mc config host add local-docker http://localhost:9000 miniostorage miniostorage && mc mb local-docker/trex && mc policy set download local-docker/trex 

To run the S3 tests, declare that there is a S3 available in an environment vaiable S3TEST:

export S3TEST=true

Run the tests with

cargo test --all -- --ignored


t-rex is released under the MIT License.

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