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This repo is the source behind


To edit the documentation you need a GitHub account. Once you have created one and logged in, you can edit any page by navigating to the corresponding file and clicking the edit (pen) icon. This will create a so called "fork" and a "pull request", which will be approved by one of the existing documentation team members. Once you have made a contribution or two, you can be added to the documentation team and perform edits without requiring approval.

In the long run, learning to use Git_ and running Sphinx_ on your computer is beneficial.

First steps to run it locally::

git clone pip install -U Sphinx cd docs make html

open _build/html/index.html

You can also use our Docker image to build the documentation, which is the same thing the build server does in the end:

./ html


The documentation is divided into an index page (index.rst) and various subsections. The sections are:

  • Introductory information in intro.
  • Information for users in users.
  • Information for developers in dev.

The documentation uses the rst format. For a starting point check out the reStructuredText Primer.

.. _Git: .. _Sphinx: .. _rst format: .. _reStructuredText Primer:


All documentation and protocol specifications are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License <>__.

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