Server-X: A pluggable frontend server built for efficient front-end development
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A pluggable frontend server, it just works

Server-X(svrx) is a platform built for efficient front-end development.


As a front-end developer, to meet different kind of development requirements, usually we will have one or more set of fixed development environment, in which may include a local dev server and many other debug tools. It's difficult to maintain a development environment: you need to install and configure every tool separately. Besides, you may also need to enable or disable a tool when switching among projects.

To solve the problem, we plan to integrate all the development services and tools into a pluggable platform, and name it Server-X(svrx). With Server-X, you can freely pick and combine any services(plugins) you want, like static serve, proxy, remote debugging and etc, without concerning about plugin installation.

Now, Server-X makes it possible for us to easily customize the development environment for each project, and instead of downloading many other packages, all you need to do is just install Server-X.


🍻 Serve a static site or SPA in current directory
🐱 Easy to proxy everything
🏈 Auto refresh the page on sources change(inline reload on stylesheets change)
🍀 Powerful plugins: use without installation
🐥 Routing with hot reload: never restart your server
🚀 Toolkit for quick custom plugin development
🎊 ...

Here's an example showing how to start a devServer with Server-X, only with a simple command:

svrx -p qrcode

After code change, just save the files to make sure livereload works. And here's also a tiny plugin named qrcode to display a qrcode of this page. Remember, you don't need to install any plugins, just declare it.

Quick Start


npm install -g @svrx/cli


Before we start, you need to cd into the root of your project first. Let's say you've already got an index.html in your project:

cd your_project
ls # index.html

And without any other config, just run svrx command to start the dev server:


Then visit http://localhost:8000 to see the content of index.html.

Command Line Options

You can pass options to change the default behavior through command line:

svrx --port 3000 --https --no-livereload

Check out the full option reference doc here.


And also, you can write down all your options by creating a file named .svrxrc.js or svrx.config.js in the root path of your project.

// .svrxrc.js
module.exports = {
  port: 3000,
  https: true,
  livereload: false

And then run svrx command, svrx will read your options from the config file automatically.

Feature - Plugins

Again, you don't need to install any plugins, just use it! Server-X will handle everything(such as install, update...) for you.

You can use plugins through command line options, eg:

svrx --plugin markdown -p qrcode # -p is alias of --plugin
svrx --markdown --qrcode         # set a pluginName to true to start a plugin quickly

And also, you can enable and config a plugin through plugins in .svrxrc.js file, eg:

// .svrxrc.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      name: 'qrcode',
      options: {
        ui: false,

👉 See all plugins

Write Your Own Plugin

If, unluckily, you didn't find a proper plugin you need, you can try write one with our plugin-dev-tool !
As a pure plugin platform, Server-X encapsulates a lot of basic logic for you, which makes it rather easy to write a new plugin. By the way, in general, you can easily write a plugin with code less than 50 lines, just like most of our published plugins.

So what can we do through the plugins? We can:

Anyway, Server-X provides a powerful ability to inject both frontend and backend logic, all you need to do is use it to create your own magic plugins.

You can read more about plugin development here .

Feature - Routing

You can try the following commands to start Server-X routing quickly:

touch route.js # create empty routing file
svrx --route route.js

In your route.js

get('/blog').to.json({ title: 'svrx' });

Then open /blog, you'll see the json output {title: 'svrx'}.

Features of routing:

  • support hot reloading ( check it out by editing your route.js now)
  • easy writing, clear reading
  • support expanding through plugin

Besides return of json, you can also:

get('/handle(.*)').to.handle((ctx) => { ctx.body = 'handle'; });

To learn more about the grammar and usage of Routing, click here.


You can read more detail about the usage, API reference, blogs here.


Feel free to raise an issue.


Please see the contributing guidelines.

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