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Similar to Lottie. Render After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) animations natively on Android and iOS, Web. 使用 SVGAPlayer 在 Android、iOS、Web中播放 After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) 动画。
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This repo has stopped maintenance, you can still continue to read the source code and create forks, but this repo will not continue to be updated, nor will it answer any issues.


Language: 中文

SVGAPlayer 现已支持在微信小程序播放动画,详情请参阅


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Can I Use

SVGAPlayer 2.0.0 only supports below browsers.

  • Edge / IE 6+
  • Safari / Chrome
  • iOS 6.0+ / Android 4.0+

SVGAPlayer 2.0.0 also supports below Game Engines.


Prebuild JS

  1. Add <script src="[email protected]/build/svga.min.js"></script> to your.html


  1. npm install svgaplayerweb --save
  2. Add require('svgaplayerweb') to xxx.js

IE6 ~ IE9

  • IE6+ only supports 2.x format.
  • You couldn't use npm to install SVGA library.
  1. Add SVGAPlayerWeb.swf to your.html locate directory.
  2. Add following code to your.html
<!--[if lt IE 10]> 
    <script src="../build/"></script>
<!--[if gte IE 10]><!-->
    <script src="../build/svga.min.js"></script>

Audio support

If your need to play audios, add howler.min.js to your html.

<script src="[email protected]/dist/howler.core.min.js"></script>

Notice: audio plays needs browser support, some browser requires user interaction before playing.

SVGA-Format 1.x support

Both Prebuild & NPM, if you need to support SVGA-Format 1.x, add JSZip script to html.

<script src="//,jszip-utils.min.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


Load Animation Mannally

You may create Player and Parser by yourself.

  1. Add Div Tag.
<div id="demoCanvas" style="styles..."></div>
  1. Load Animation
var player = new SVGA.Player('#demoCanvas');
var parser = new SVGA.Parser('#demoCanvas'); // Must Provide same selector eg:#demoCanvas IF support IE6+
parser.load('rose_2.0.0.svga', function(videoItem) {

Load Animation Automatically

Assign canvas element properties as below.

<div src="rose_2.0.0.svga" loops="0" clearsAfterStop="true" style="styles..."></div>

Animation will play after Web-Page onload.

Replace Animation Images Dynamically

You can replace specific image by yourself, ask your designer tell you the ImageKey.

player.setImage('', 'ImageKey');

Add Text on Animation Image Dynamically

You can add text on specific image, ask your designer tell you the ImageKey.

player.setText('Hello, World!', 'ImageKey');
    text: 'Hello, World!', 
    family: 'Arial',
    size: "24px", 
    color: "#ffe0a4",
    offset: {x: 0.0, y: 0.0}
}, 'ImageKey'); // customize text styles.



You use SVGA.Player controls animation play and stop.


  • int loops; - Animation loop count, defaults to 0 means infinity loop.
  • BOOL clearsAfterStop; - defaults to true, means player will clear all contents after stop.
  • string fillMode; - defaults to Forward,optional Forward / Backward,fillMode = Forward,Animation will pause on last frame while finished,fillMode = Backward , Animation will pause on first frame.


  • constructor (canvas); - first params could be '#id' or CanvasHTMLElement
  • startAnimation(reverse: boolean = false); - start animation from zero frame.
  • startAnimationWithRange(range: {location: number, length: number}, reverse: boolean = false); - start animation in [location, location+length] frame range.
  • pauseAnimation(); - pause animation on current frame.
  • stopAnimation(); - stop animation, clear contents while clearsAfterStop === true
  • setContentMode(mode: "Fill" | "AspectFill" | "AspectFit"); - Specific Scale Mode
  • setClipsToBounds(clipsToBounds: boolean); - Clips if image render out of box.
  • clear(); - force clear contents.
  • stepToFrame(frame: int, andPlay: Boolean); - stop to specific frame, play animation while andPlay === true
  • stepToPercentage(percentage: float, andPlay: Boolean); - stop to specific percentage, play animation while andPlay === true
  • setImage(image: string, forKey: string, transform: [a, b, c, d, tx, ty]); - Replace Animation Images Dynamically, transform is optional, transform could adjust replacing image.
  • setText(text: string | {text: string, family: string, size: string, color: string, offset: {x: float, y: float}}, forKey: string); - Add Text on Animation Image Dynamically
  • clearDynamicObjects(); - clear all dynamic objects.

Callback Method

  • onFinished(callback: () => void): void; - call after animation stop.
  • onFrame(callback: (frame: number): void): void; - call after animation specific frame rendered.
  • onPercentage(callback: (percentage: number): void): void; - call after animation specific percentage rendered.


You use SVGA.Parser load VideoItem from remote or Base64 string.

Only Cross-Domain allow files could be loaded.

If you eager to load resources from Base64 or File, deliver as load(File) or load('data:svga/2.0;base64,xxxxxx').


  • constructor();
  • load(url: string, success: (videoItem: VideoEntity) => void, failure: (error: Error) => void): void;


Android 4.x Breaks

As known, some Android OS lack Blob support, add Blob Polyfill by yourself.

<script src="//"></script>
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