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Admin client for blog, powered by Angular and Bootstrap4.

适用于 管理员后台的前端应用,使用 AngularBootstrap4 进行开发。

The project forked from ng2-admin. 项目原始来自 ng2-admin




Development setup

# install dependencies

# serve with hot reload at localhost:4200 
yarn dev

# lint
yarn lint

# test
yarn test
yarn e2e

# build
yarn build

# CD (local build)
yarn local:build:tar
# CD (remote deploy)
yarn local:deploy

Actions setup


  • any PR openCI:Build test
  • master PR close & mergedCI:Deploy to server


  • local:develop(local:build:tar)remote:developCI:Build test
  • remote:develop/masterremote:mastermergedCI:Deploy to server

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