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This is a tool which does in-place sort of Kubernetes manifests by Kind.


When installing manifests, they should be sorted in a proper order by Kind. For example, Namespace object must be in the first place when installing them.

ksort sorts manfest files in a proper order by Kind.


Sort manifest files in the deploy directory in the proper order, and output the result to the stdout.

$ ls ./manifests
deployment.yaml  ingress.yaml  namespace.yaml  service.yaml
$ ksort -f ./manifests

To pass the result into the stdin of kubectl apply command is also convenient.

$ ksort -f ./manifests | kubectl apply -f -

Sort manifests contained the manifest file that is specified.

$ ksort -f ./app.yaml

Sort manifests passed into stdin.

$ cat app.yaml | ksort -f-


You can download an archive file from GitHub Releases, then extract it and install a binary.

Or use go get as follows:

$ go get

Installation as kubectl plugin

You can also use ksort as kubectl plugin. The name as kubectl plugin is sort-manifests.

  1. Install krew that is a plugin manager for kubectl

  2. Run:

     kubectl krew install sort-manifests
  3. Try it out

     kubectl sort-manifests -h


This software is released under the MIT License and includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0.

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