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Using batman-adv to connect several raspberrypi to a mesh network and creating a vernemq cluster


This repo is currently in development and things get added time after time.
Feel free to comment.

Last Update:

  • This repo is not updated anymore. It is possible that parts of the batman installation have to be changed because of newer raspbian images and changed drivers.
  • The latest configuration (mqtt scripts and Dash visualizations) for multiple raspberry pis can be found in the folder finished_configuration. This includes instructions for starting different sensor scripts which were used for demonstration purposes.
  • Perhaps you find some useful information here. Just pick the good bits. Good luck! :)

Used hardware and software

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+

    • batman mesh node (adhoc network wlan0)
    • bridge with lan cable eth0 for combining mesh and different network
    • internet gateway with dhcp server for sharing eth0 internet with mesh nodes
    • mqtt broker cluster node with vernemq
    • grafana/prometheus/influxdb for monitoring mqtt cluster and network (not written yet)
    • Optional: USB Wifi Dongle for wifi client+hotspot configuration and internet sharing
  • several Raspberry Pi Zero W (batman mesh node)

    • batman mesh node (adhoc network wlan0)
    • mqtt broker cluster node with vernemq
  • OS: Raspbian Stretch Lite (2018-04-18-raspbian-stretch-lite.img)

PiPages for shortcuts to the different GUIs (when already installed):

PiPages (Link)

Links to the tutorials:

Links to different parts:

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