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Place Picker for Google Maps has been deprecated in Android and we are told to move to paid APIs. Autocomplete, Nearby and Places photos APIs are chargeable after a number of loads. Check Pricing here

Thankfully, Static and Dynamic Maps on Mobile and Geocoder is still free. PlacePicker is a Place Picker alternative library that allows you to pick a point in the map and get its coordinates and Address using Geocoder instead of Google APIs

Adding PlacePicker to your project

Include the following dependencies in your app's build.gradle :

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.sucho:placepicker:1.1.2'

  implementation ''
  implementation ''
  implementation ''

PlacePicker Uses AndroidX artifacts, thus to use it without issues, make sure your application has been migrated to AndroidX as well. If you havent done it already, Here's How

How to use

  1. You need a Maps API key and add it to your app. Here's How
  2. To start The PlacePickerActivity:
val intent = PlacePicker.IntentBuilder()
                .setLatLong(40.748672, -73.985628)  // Initial Latitude and Longitude the Map will load into
                .showLatLong(true)  // Show Coordinates in the Activity
                .setMapZoom(12.0f)  // Map Zoom Level. Default: 14.0
                .setAddressRequired(true) // Set If return only Coordinates if cannot fetch Address for the coordinates. Default: True
                .hideMarkerShadow(true) // Hides the shadow under the map marker. Default: False
                .setMarkerDrawable(R.drawable.marker) // Change the default Marker Image
                .setPrimaryTextColor(R.color.primaryTextColor) // Change text color of Shortened Address
                .setSecondaryTextColor(R.color.secondaryTextColor) // Change text color of full Address
                .setBottomViewColor(R.color.bottomViewColor) // Change Address View Background Color (Default: White)
                .setMapRawResourceStyle(R.raw.map_style)  //Set Map Style (
                .setPlaceSearchBar(true, GOOGLE_API_KEY) //Activate GooglePlace Search Bar. Default is false/not activated. SearchBar is a chargeable feature by Google
                .onlyCoordinates(true)  //Get only Coordinates from Place Picker
                .hideLocationButton(true)   //Hide Location Button (Default: false)
                .disableMarkerAnimation(true)   //Disable Marker Animation (Default: false)
            startActivityForResult(intent, Constants.PLACE_PICKER_REQUEST)
  1. Then get the data onActivityResult
override fun onActivityResult(requestCode: Int,resultCode: Int,data: Intent?) {
        if (requestCode == Constants.PLACE_PICKER_REQUEST) {
            if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK) {
            val addressData = data?.getParcelableExtra<AddressData>(Constants.ADDRESS_INTENT)
        } else {
            super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data)

Note: Placepicker DOES NOT access your location. It's your app's responsibility to fet and provide the User's location and send via setLatLong. The MyLocation button takes the user in the sent location

Note: PlacePickerActivity uses the default theme of your app. If you want to change the theme, declare it in your app's Manifest:

    android:theme="@style/PlacePickerTheme"/> //Included FullScreen Day-Night Theme

If you are using Java instead of Kotlin:

Intent intent = new PlacePicker.IntentBuilder()
                startActivityForResult(intent, Constants.PLACE_PICKER_REQUEST);

    protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, @Nullable Intent data) {
        if (requestCode == Constants.PLACE_PICKER_REQUEST) {
            if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK && data != null) {
              AddressData addressData = data.getParcelableExtra(Constants.ADDRESS_INTENT);
        } else {
            super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);



  • Option of Map Type (Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid, None)
  • Map Styling


  • Option disable bottom sheet animation
  • Option to get only coordinates from Place Picker


  • Added My Location Button
  • Fixed Map Marker not precise
  • Fixed Bottom Sheet


  • Added Optional Search Bar


  • Ability to add custom theme to PlacePickerActivity
  • Change bottom address layout background color


  • Ability to disable Marker Animation
  • Ability to disable Location button

Note: This is inspired from Mapbox Android Place Picker plugin. Code and UI has been reused from the open source library hosted on Github. Their copyright license has been added here

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