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This is a simple sample Android app written in Kotlin, to showcase how to use Kodein dependency injection in your app. It uses MVVM Architecture, Architecture Components and Kodein to provide a robust base to the app. The Retrofit library is used to fetch jokes along with the RxJava 2 and RxAndroid 2 which handles connections asynchronously and makes the app more reliable.

Dependency Injection has been layered into 3 separate Modules for better structure: AppModule, ActivityModule and FragmentModule

SupportFragment has been used to support Architecture Component ViewModel. (Fragment has also been deprecated since Android P)

Kodein is a viable replacement over Dagger 2 which is less complex and easier to setup (But requires more Boilerplate and needs Context for injection). Personally I feel, Kodein is suitable for smaller projects


This app can be used as a base template for yor Android Apps and can be used as a template for your apps.

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