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Game engine behind Sea Dogs, Pirates of the Caribbean and Age of Pirates games.

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Supported games

Building the project

You need to install Conan and add it to the %PATH% environment variable. Also, make sure you have the following Visual Studio components installed:

  • C++ CMake Tools for Windows
  • C++ Clang Compiler for Windows
  • C++ MFC for latest v142 build tools (x86 & x64)

Open the repo root as a CMake project in Visual Studio 2019 and select engine.exe as a startup item.

For running engine.exe you need to have DirectX 9 runtime libraries installed. You will also need assets from one of the supported games.


Since our development team is small, we want to reduce the amount of code we have to maintain. For this reason, we decided to rely on the C++ standard library or third-party libraries if possible.

Some things that we are going to do:

  • Replace a custom math library with a third-party one, e.g. glm.
  • Replace custom rendering code with a bgfx library.
  • Replace custom input handling code with a third-party library (see the discussion).
  • Replace custom data structures with C++ standard types.
  • Replace a custom scripting language with Lua.
  • Replace ini config files with a standard format (see the discussion).
  • Replace custom binary asset formats with standard ones.
  • Update code using the latest C++ standard


If you'd like to get involved, please check


GPL-3.0 License

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