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Windows 10 Store ready sample of MinGW dll with C exported methods PInvoked from Windows 10 UWP application

  • UWP appx bundle with MinGW dll passing Windows 10 Store Certification Kit checks
  • Tested for x64 only
  • Tested with MinGW-w64 64 bit compiler installed with MSYS2 toolchain
  • Sample based on implementation of WinRT support for libVLC

Environment requirements:

  • Visual Studio 2017 with UWP development tools and "C++ Universal Windows Platform development tools" package installed
  • x86_64 MSYS2 installation with configured pacman packager. Latest MinGW-w64 compiler build obtained with pacman packager by running following command in MSYS2 terminal:
   pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain
  • MinGW-w64 winstorecompat library to redefine some forbidden API calls for UWP platform. winstorecompat library is available in latest builds of MinGW-w64 and can be obtained along with x86_64-toolchain MSYS2 MinGW toolchain as described above.

Build steps:

  • To build DLL launch MSYS2 MinGW-w64 64 bit compiler command line.
  • cd to MinGWDLL directory
  • Run script to build MinGW dll. In background script does following things:
    • Creates custom gcc specfile to link winstorecompat library before linking to system libraries. Replaces linking with msvcrt (Desktop Microsoft C runtime) with linking to msvcr120_app (Visual Studio 2013 UWP platform C runtime). msvcr120_app is bundled along with installation of MinGW-w64 compiler.
    • Asks gcc to build shared PureMinGWDLL.dll library with custom flag -Wl,--dynamicbase to pass Windows 10 Store Certification Kit security checks.
    • Runs script to modify PE header of PureMinGWDLL.dll binary. It sets appcontainer bit flag to be compatible with Windows 10 Store binary requriements.
  • InvokeMinGWDllUWP directory contains Visual Studio 2017 UWP project to PInvoke PureMinGWDLL.dll shared library and display obtained values on screen. To build just launch InvokeMinGWDllUWP.sln with Visual Studio 2017 and run the Build. UWP solution references Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime Package for Windows Universal to be bundled into appx package.

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