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radium is a platform (client and optional server) for viewing reference articles, cheat sheets etc. right from a shell. radium is written in Go (Golang)


  1. Download the latest pre-built binary for your platform from releases page.
  2. Run the binary! (Optionally, create a radium.yaml file in ~ to customize)


radium requires Go 1.8+ to build. Simply run make command in the source directory to build and install the binary into your $GOPATH/bin directory. If you just want to build the binary, run make build


You can run radium --help to see the list of available commands.

Querying from command-line

radium query "append file in go"

radium query dir --attr platform:windows

radium query go

--attr is not part of radium framework but part of the source implementation itself. Weather to consume the attributes or not is decided by the source implementation.

Querying from curl

For this, you need to run radium in server mode first using the command: radium serve --addr=localhost:8080


curl "localhost:8080/search?q=append+file+in+go"

curl "localhost:8080/search?q=dir&platform=windows"

curl "localhost:8080/search?q=go"

When using http api, all query parameters except q and strategy will be assumed to be attributes

Running as Clipboard Monitor

Run radium serve --clipboard to start radium in server+clipboard mode (pass --addr="" to run in clipboard-only mode).

Now, everytime you copy some text into clipboard (which is less than 5 words), radium is going to run a query and try to find some results. If a result is found, it will be pasted back into the clipboard

How it works?

radium works by querying/scraping different knowledge sources (e.g. tldr-pages, LearnXInYMinutes etc.). A Source in radium is a Go interface and can be implemented to add new references to provide more relevant results.

type Source interface {
  Search(query Query) ([]Article, error)

Currently following implementations are available:

  1. sources.TLDR using the awesome tldr-pages project
  2. sources.LearnXInY using the awesome Learn X In Y Minutes project
  3. cheatsh.CheatSh using the awesome project
  4. sources.Radium which can be used to query other radium servers to enable distributed setup
  5. wikipedia.Wikipedia which queries and extracts first paragraph from Wikipedia
  6. duckduckgo.DuckDuckGo which uses DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API

See sources/ for more information


  • [x] Make sources configurable
    • [x] sources to be used should be configurable per instance
  • [ ] a configurable caching mechanism to enable offline usage
  • [ ] Add more sources
    • [x] Wikipedia
    • [x] DuckDuckGo
  • [ ] Enable markdown to console colored output ?
  • [ ] Enable clipboard monitoring
    • [x] everytime user copies a string, run radium query
    • [x] if a result is available within certain time window, replace the clipboard content with the solution
    • [ ] enable query only if clipboard text is in special format to reduce unwanted paste-backs


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