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Bootstrap Multiselect3,55982219 months ago4August 01, 2021290otherHTML
JQuery multiselect plugin based on Twitter Bootstrap.
Wp Accesspress Twitter Feed1,111
6 years ago1PHP
Wp Recent Tweet1,106
7 years agoPHP
Recent Tweets plugin for Wordpress
Wp Dev Buddy1,104
7 years ago5PHP
Wp Twitter Feeds1,101
7 years agoPHP
14 years ago1March 04, 201371mpl-2.0JavaScript
A jQuery plugin (working nicely with twitter bootstrap)
7 years agoFebruary 22, 202119JavaScript
jQuery plugin for making scrolling presentation decks
a month ago10August 18, 202013gpl-2.0Python
Extract and aggregate threat intelligence.
Jquery Socialist632
7 years ago58mitJavaScript
jquery social media plugin that aggregates and combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and.. Combine social feeds from multiple social networks or RSS in elegant layouts via this social plugin.
4a year ago21October 16, 202135mitDart
ARKit Flutter Plugin
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jQuery Tweetie - Simple Twitter Feed Plugin that works with new Twitter API.


Download the lastest version of jQuery Tweetie.

In order to successfully use jQuery Tweetie, you have to have server-side/backend API. The plugin comes with very simple PHP backend that you can easily setup and get going.


Initialize just like any other plugin.



Property Type Description
url String Required. API URL.
type String Required. Fetch tweets via hashtags, search terms, username and lists. Available options timeline, list, search and hashtag.
template String Required. Template for each individual tweet. Learn more here.
params Object Required. Parameters required to fetch collection of relevant tweets matching a specified query. Only timeline, list and search/hashtag params are accepted.
dateFormat String Formating for created_at attribute. Learn more here.


Tweetie uses curly brace templating syntax. You can access any tweet properties using the {{}} double curly brase. For your convinece every link, @username and #hashtag in the tweet body is automatically hyper-linked.


{{tweet.text}} tweeted by {{tweet.user.screen_name}} at {{tweet.created_at}}

Date Format

Format Example Description
%d 1..31 Day of month
%m 1..12 Month number
%B January..December Month name
%b Jan..Dec Month name abbreviated
%Y 2018 4 digit year
%y 18 2 digit year

Date format automatically applies to created_at template attribute.

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