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JSON-RPC server based on fastapi:


Autogenerated OpenAPI and Swagger (thanks to fastapi) for JSON-RPC!!!


pip install fastapi-jsonrpc


Read FastAPI documentation and see usage examples bellow

Simple usage example

pip install uvicorn

import fastapi_jsonrpc as jsonrpc
from pydantic import BaseModel
from fastapi import Body

app = jsonrpc.API()

api_v1 = jsonrpc.Entrypoint('/api/v1/jsonrpc')

class MyError(jsonrpc.BaseError):
    CODE = 5000
    MESSAGE = 'My error'

    class DataModel(BaseModel):
        details: str

def echo(
    data: str = Body(..., example='123'),
) -> str:
    if data == 'error':
        raise MyError(data={'details': 'error'})
        return data


if __name__ == '__main__':
    import uvicorn'example1:app', port=5000, debug=True, access_log=False)

Go to:

FastAPI dependencies usage example

pip install uvicorn

import logging
from contextlib import asynccontextmanager

from pydantic import BaseModel, Field
import fastapi_jsonrpc as jsonrpc
from fastapi import Body, Header, Depends

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# database models

class User:
    def __init__(self, name): = name

    def __eq__(self, other):
        if not isinstance(other, User):
            return False
        return ==

class Account:
    def __init__(self, account_id, owner, amount, currency):
        self.account_id = account_id
        self.owner = owner
        self.amount = amount
        self.currency = currency

    def owned_by(self, user: User):
        return self.owner == user

# fake database

users = {
    '1': User('user1'),
    '2': User('user2'),

accounts = {
    '1.1': Account('1.1', users['1'], 100, 'USD'),
    '1.2': Account('1.2', users['1'], 200, 'EUR'),
    '2.1': Account('2.1', users['2'], 300, 'USD'),

def get_user_by_token(auth_token) -> User:
    return users[auth_token]

def get_account_by_id(account_id) -> Account:
    return accounts[account_id]

# schemas

class Balance(BaseModel):
    """Account balance"""
    amount: int = Field(..., example=100)
    currency: str = Field(..., example='USD')

# errors

class AuthError(jsonrpc.BaseError):
    CODE = 7000
    MESSAGE = 'Auth error'

class AccountNotFound(jsonrpc.BaseError):
    CODE = 6000
    MESSAGE = 'Account not found'

class NotEnoughMoney(jsonrpc.BaseError):
    CODE = 6001
    MESSAGE = 'Not enough money'

    class DataModel(BaseModel):
        balance: Balance

# dependencies

def get_auth_user(
    # this will become the header-parameter of json-rpc method that uses this dependency
    auth_token: str = Header(
) -> User:
    if not auth_token:
        raise AuthError

        return get_user_by_token(auth_token)
    except KeyError:
        raise AuthError

def get_account(
    # this will become the parameter of the json-rpc method that uses this dependency
    account_id: str = Body(..., example='1.1'),
    user: User = Depends(get_auth_user),
) -> Account:
        account = get_account_by_id(account_id)
    except KeyError:
        raise AccountNotFound

    if not account.owned_by(user):
        raise AccountNotFound

    return account

# JSON-RPC middlewares

async def logging_middleware(ctx: jsonrpc.JsonRpcContext):'Request: %r', ctx.raw_request)
    finally:'Response: %r', ctx.raw_response)

# JSON-RPC entrypoint

common_errors = [AccountNotFound, AuthError]

api_v1 = jsonrpc.Entrypoint(
    # Swagger shows for entrypoint common parameters gathered by dependencies and common_dependencies:
    #    - json-rpc-parameter 'account_id'
    #    - header parameter 'user-auth-token'
    # this dependencies called once for whole json-rpc batch request
    # this dependencies called separately for every json-rpc request in batch request

# JSON-RPC methods of this entrypoint

# this json-rpc method has one json-rpc-parameter 'account_id' and one header parameter 'user-auth-token'
def get_balance(
    account: Account = Depends(get_account),
) -> Balance:
    return Balance(

# this json-rpc method has two json-rpc-parameters 'account_id', 'amount' and one header parameter 'user-auth-token'
def withdraw(
    account: Account = Depends(get_account),
    amount: int = Body(..., gt=0, example=10),
) -> Balance:
    if account.amount - amount < 0:
        raise NotEnoughMoney(data={'balance': get_balance(account)})
    account.amount -= amount
    return get_balance(account)


app = jsonrpc.API()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import uvicorn'example2:app', port=5000, debug=True, access_log=False)

Go to:


  • Install poetry

  • Install dephell

    pip install dephell
  • Install dependencies

    poetry update
  • Regenerate README.rst

    rst_include include -q README.src.rst README.rst
  • Change dependencies

    Edit pyproject.toml

    poetry update
    dephell deps convert
  • Bump version

    poetry version patch
    dephell deps convert
  • Publish to pypi

    poetry publish --build

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