Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Blueprint for docker-flask-gunicorn-nginx web application

Example App

Bootstrap example of a Flask/Dash app served via Gunicorn and Nginx using Docker containers

Guildeline article can be found at


make build

In your browser (assuming the docker-machine runs on go to:

To clean up the container mess, run

make clean

It will shut down all container and remove all images

Prominent features:

  1. Dockerized application orchestrated by docker-compose
  2. Gunicorn as a WSGI and Nginx as a reverse proxy are included as services
  3. Nginx is configured to serve static files, e.g. images, css etc.
  4. Example of routing implementation in Dash app is shown
  5. Build process uses requirements.txt, but Pipenv files are included to ease the development process
  6. Bootstrap css is included
  7. Standard Single Page App Layout with Header, Main and Footer is set up

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