Spark GCE Script Helps you deploy Spark cluster on Google Cloud.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Ingress Gce1,2322a day ago175August 30, 202353apache-2.0Go
Ingress controller for Google Cloud
Terraform Google Examples382
4 years ago6apache-2.0HCL
Collection of examples for using Terraform with Google Cloud Platform.
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Packages for Google Compute Engine Linux images.
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3 months ago32apache-2.0Ruby
Vagrant provider for GCE.
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A tool to build a Arch Linux Image for GCE
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Cloud Container Attack Tool (CCAT) is a tool for testing security of container environments.
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Compute Image Tools187514 days ago85April 24, 202149apache-2.0Go
Tools and scripts for Google Compute Engine images.
Nodejs Compute11522 months ago1February 11, 2019apache-2.0
This repository is deprecated. All of its content and history has been moved to googleapis/google-cloud-node.
Compute Image Windows98
a month ago1February 04, 202114apache-2.0PowerShell
Windows agents and scripts for Google Compute Engine images.
Alternatives To Spark_gce
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Spark GCE

Spark GCE is like Spark Ec2 but for those who run their cluster on Google Cloud.

  • Make Sure you have installed and authenticated gcutils where you are running this script.
  • Helps you launch a spark cluster in the Google Cloud
  • Attaches 500GB empty disk to all nodes in the cluster
  • Installs and Configures everything Automatically
  • Starts the Shark server Automatically

Spark GCE is a python script which will help you launch a spark cluster in the google cloud like the way spark_ec2 script does for AWS.

Usage project-name number-of-slaves slave-type master-type identity-file zone cluster-name

  • project-id: Project ID of the project where you are going to launch your spark cluster.

  • number-of-slave: Number of slaves that you want to launch.

  • slave-type: Instance type for the slave machines.

  • master-type: Instance type for the master node.

  • identity-file: Identity file to authenticate with your GCE instances, Usually resides at ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine once you authenticate using gcutils.

  • zone: Specify the zone where you are going to launch the cluster.

  • cluster-name: Name the cluster that you are going to launch. project-name cluster-name destroy

  • project-id: Project id of the project where the spark cluster is at.
  • cluster-name: Name of the cluster that you are going to destroy.


git clone
cd spark_gce

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